COVID-19 update: Effective immediately, to curtail the spread of COVID-19 Skyway Title Services will be taking the follow precautions:

  • Only individuals required to sign and/or present documents at closings/signings will be allowed in our office space—borrower(s), seller(s), (no extended family members), realtors and lenders who are presenting loan documents.
  • All pens used in the closing office will be taken with them by the client or discarded after initial use
  • We disinfect and clean our office and closing rooms after each closing and cannot permit closings to overlap due to the space provided for the safety of our customers and our staff.
  • Closing documents will be uploaded to our secure platform after closing, where parties have the documents, as well as mailed to courthouses or E-Filed if applicable
  • If someone is picking up a proceeds check and/or document, they will be instructed to call our office upon arrival for one of our staff members to deliver it to them in their vehicle
  • All food and drink offerings are suspended until further notice
  • All Skyway Title staff will be refraining from handshaking, hugs, etc… before or after closings and ask that the clients do the same.

We will provide updates and make adjustments as to our office procedure as we receive same from CDC and our underwriters. We appreciate all of you and your business. Stay well and healthy!